Blurry Vision


I woke up this morning, and my eyes were burning as I tried to write in my journal. My first thought was that I need to get more sleep. My second thought was to put my allergy eye drops in like I always do so I can wear my contacts later.

A creature of routine, I reached for my glasses on my end table, but they weren’t there. First sign that something was up with my morning. They were still in my eyeglass case in the bathroom drawer. No biggie. I put them on, and my world got even blurrier. I took them off. Blinked. Put them back on. Nope. Can’t see a thing.

I noticed my contact case. Could it be? Yes. It was empty. I looked in the mirror and slowly peeled my contacts off my dry and irritated eyes. No wonder I couldn’t see! I slept with my contacts in!

I cannot remember when I had last done that! It quickly reminded me of another time I couldn’t see. My husband and I both wear contacts. One morning I complained that I couldn’t see out of my blasted contacts. It’s a normal complaint, because contacts have always been uncomfortable for me. I dislike glasses even more (that is a story for Family History prompt), so I only wear them when I absolutely have to.

Luke, who never complains about his contacts, couldn’t see either. We went on about our day completely bewildered and hoping our vision would clear. Of course it was Luke who had the Eureka moment and asked if I put his contacts in my eyes! We took them out and put in our new ones. Lo and behold, we could see! Needless to say we now make sure our contact cases are a different color!

Yes, I could prompt you to write about times in your life when you didn’t see a situation clearly and invite you to use this story as a metaphor.

Personally I like the goofy story. Write about a time when you and a friend, partner, sibling, etc mixed something up and had a good laugh about it. Or you couldn’t find your phone and realized it was at your ear as you spoke to your friend about not knowing where your phone was!

Can’t make this stuff up! That’s why it’s priceless! So write it down!