Day Three–Closets Create Space

Full disclosure. I did not venture into the closets today. My morning began in the usual fashion. I was almost finished with the edits that my fantastic proofreaders found in Saving Atlantis. I had to get it done. Then self-care could not be ignored, so I went to Lynn’s wonderful Baptiste class. I was with Karen, one of the proofreaders, and I had some questions about her comments. We discussed it over refreshments at Uncommon Grounds.

I came home, finished the edits. The 10th draft is looming over my head. Time to reread the manuscript. Then I filled out an application for the Albany Book Festival in September, which is important for my business.

By that time, Stephen came home, and we watched the end of the World Cup Soccer semi-finals. I won’t go into my disappointment that England lost.

I had promised Luke I would go on a date with him to a car show. We rode our motorcycles, talked to Camaro enthusiasts, and ate dinner. We saw our friend’s new motorcycle–Fat Bob and of course had to go over every detail! I walked the dogs and now it’s 9:30pm.

I thought about the closets and feel like they aren’t a high priority, but they are on the list. What to do? I could berate myself for falling off the create space wagon or I can give myself a break and start over tomorrow.

I still have editing to do and tomorrow is cleaning bathroom cabinets, indexing my journals, and transferring personal files to storage to create that essential space on my computer. I’m falling behind, but I did leave some time on Saturday to make up for whatever I didn’t get done.

Even though I didn’t do what was scheduled, I had a great day. I want to share a book I’m reading about having less to make room for what matters. It’s called The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. She doesn’t necessarily give you a guidebook on how to live with less and be happier. It’s more of a memoir on why she decided to put restrictions on her purchasing and how living simply helped her mentally and physically.


I’m not quite finished, so the rest of the evening will be filled searching for inspiration in a book!

Month in Review–February

I can either say that I needed a few more days in February or I have to continue my quest for time efficiency. Of course I can be the most efficient person, but if I take on too much, I’m not going to get everything done.

That was the theme of February for me. There were fun times, happy moments, first birthday party for my nephew, Liam. Here’s a photo in case you need some cuteness in your day.


Valentine’s Day date with my hubby, outings with friends, my sister, and sunny days to walk my dogs.

But there were a lot of days where I didn’t get the work done that I needed or scheduled. I have become better organized using my journal as my calendar. I did start prioritizing by listing my monthly goals, but they aren’t translating into my daily business.

As I review my journal entries, I see a shift toward growing my writing and teaching business, plus lots of ideas that tend to distract me. There are entries like: “I’m not getting my work done.” Or “I bought mechanical pencils and I have no idea what happened to them! I frustrate myself!” The dogs didn’t eat them. In my frenzy of activities, I probably threw them out.¬†Another entry, “I’m still saying yes too much.”

Seeing how much I had in my schedule did make a decision for me not to take on a mentorship, even though it would have been wonderful. If I can’t put 100% into it, I shouldn’t do it.

There was at least a week of not journaling. Not straight in a row, but a couple days here and there. I’m out more nights than I’m in and that is plain exhausting.

Where I thrived and hummed with happiness was when I was writing and teaching my Writer’s Journal program to fourth and fifth graders at Karigon. I know this is where I should be spending my time. Writing and sharing how to write is a huge part of my journey. I only need to clear the path.

One of the best parts of February was getting outside more, being on my yoga mat, and putting my health in the forefront of my day. I feel the benefits.


My goals for March? Stay home as much as I can. Get a solid 2nd draft of Saving Atlantis done to share with my beta readers in April. Plan more school writing workshops and write, write, write! Writing my goals down and what I want to happen is the first step. The second is scheduling it into my calendar and sticking to it.

How was your February? What are your goals for March? What is important enough to spend your time on?

Keeping track on how you feel about what you are doing gives you an idea of what is nourishing, dragging you down, or revving your engine! Pay attention and put it into action!