De Tillio Gals–Gratitude Day 29

It has long been said that once you meet a De Tillio, you are never the same. When you are in a room with De Tillio women, you know there will be a lot of laughter, crazy antics, and outlandish conversation. My father and brother learned to go with the flow and be very flexible with four exuberant women in the house.


Today we got together to celebrate our fall birthdays, shop, and well…laugh. It doesn’t take much. And the funniest part is that no one else may understand what we are hysterically laughing about. It just happens, doesn’t stop, but can be quite contagious. We aren’t afraid to be the brunt of the joke, act ridiculously, or be plain old corny. See below.

sistersTechnically Stephanie (on the left) and I are the middle siblings, since Sal is the oldest, but I have always been considered the middling. It’s not easy having to balance the Stephanie’s sharp outbursts of comedic humor from the emotional volcano of Michele (on the right) when she passionately expresses her opinion or one of us has been wronged.

Having an older and younger sister has always meant that I had someone to look up to and take care of me and then someone I protected and babied. I am like the filling in the Oreo cookie. I can go it alone, but man it so much better all together!

I am grateful for the laughter, love, and silliness. Our family has been built on having a grand time no matter where we are or the circumstances. I love being a Cammarata, but I will always be a down home De Tillio gal!