Power of Love

Back stage meeting¬†Huey Lewis in 1988. Doesn’t he looked thrilled?!

Since this week will be a huge focus on dreams and using them as guidance in my adult journaling workshop, I had to record and analyze my dream about Huey Lewis.

Title: Power of Love:

I’m walking by myself at night in a city. My cell phone battery keeps popping out. It looks more like an SD card, and I’m nervous that my phone will die and no one will know where I am. I go into a building and there is Huey Lewis, the lead singer of Huey Lewis and the News, a popular group back in the 80’s. I don’t freak out this time, not like the first time I saw him in concert. I walk up to the table. He is by himself and chilling before the concert.

I tell him about my phone, and he fixes it. Then we talk, and I ask him if he is writing any new music. He is, but doesn’t share. We make some more small talk, and then he asks if I’d like to go on stage and dance with him during his concert. Hell Yeah! I say, and he leaves to set it up.

While I’m having this wonderful conversation with my pal, Huey, one of his songs The Power of Love is playing in my head or from speakers, I’m not really sure. But I wake up to this song, and although the words are corny, they speak truth. You don’t need money, you don’t need fame, but the power of love ‘might just save your life.’

So I went through my lightning dream process:

Feeling: excited, safe, happy.

Reality: I have seen Huey Lewis twice in concert in college and met him. My phone is always to my ear and not having it as a source of communication, especially when I’m alone in a city is worrisome.

Future possibility: I could be somewhere and have a problem with my phone. Am I planning on going to a concert? Not until October, but will be in New Jersey with my girlfriends. I will make sure my phone is charged. maybe I’ll meet Bruno Mars!

? What do I want to know about this dream? What message is Huey trying to tell me?

If I was telling someone this dream, I would invite them to give me their thoughts from their point of view “If it were my dream, I think…”

I connect with the song, because more than anything love and hope are what have always gotten me through my hardest moments, and the love shown to me and the love I have for others has probably saved my life.

In yoga this morning, Jess had us lift our chins to the ceiling during proud pigeon pose to really open up our chest and throat. She literally said if you have something to say, then opening up in the pose will help you say it. I think my phone not working resonated with me not showing my love to certain people. I need to express my love more and bask in that power of love.

Action: Make sure my phone and my voice stays charged. Let people, especially my family and close friends know how much they mean to me. Also I will communicate when something is bothering me, because holding in fear, anger, or worry disrupts that power of love.

Catchphrase: Show my Love

Sometimes dreams are just a reminder on what you need to be doing or who needs some extra TLC.

What dreams did you have last night? Write them down and go through this process. See what comes up for you. Feel free to share with me in comments if you’d like another point of view!