What is blooming for you?


As the world outside comes back to life, the birds sing once again, and the sunshine sheds its light on the goodness around us, we know that hope is blooming.


–What is blooming for you? It could literally be flowers and vegetables, but it could also be something inside you that you want to grow. Or a project that you want to build. A change that has been bubbling all winter that you are ready to manifest. Maybe it’s within something you have no control over, but have to accept it into your life. If you aren’t sure, writing about possibilities will help the ideas take root.


–Once you know what you want to grow, get specific. Here are some suggestions:

Personal–health, reducing stress, self-care, relaxation, exercise

Job stability or a new one–going back to school, getting a promotion, changing careers, retirement or what to do now that you have retired.

Simplicity–downsizing, decluttering, slowing down, spending time with who and what matters.


–In spring we often view rain as a hindrance to our ability to enjoy ourselves or the outside world. Rain is needed to nourish the earth so that flowers can grow, trees can bloom, birds can find worms to eat. Without the rain nothing would grow. April showers do bring May flowers, but we have to find the goodness in the dark clouds or setbacks that may affect what we want to grow.

–What do you see as rain in your life? What is the negative that you feel is preventing the growth, that you might have seen as a hindrance, but actually can help you bloom and nourish what you planted?


–What positive sunlight can you cast on your seeds to help them grow?

–What can you do to nourish yourself and what you are blooming?

–Shifting your perspective to seeing the good in very situation will make the harder parts of growth and change a bit easier.


–Once those seeds sprout and you are growing what you planted, how will you feel? –What will it change or affect in your life?

–What does it look like? Describe it like you would a flower or plant.

Create a visual. It could be flowers with what you want to grow in the petals or a garden with the seeds noting what you want to bloom. It can be a quick reminder and motivator in our daily path to grow, heal, and become more aware of who we are. Writing in your journal helps to translate what you want on the page into your life.

Visual example by Arthur Forest

Write about the process of what you are growing. Every moment of our growth or transition into spring, into change, into something different whether we want it or not needs to be a gentle movement. The more we ease into the moment, the easier the transition, the more we are aware of our intention and our potential.



Sunshine Memories


Draw or print out a smiling sun. Along the sun’s rays, write down who and what brings you joy. Maybe it’s certain people in your life, activities you like to do, self-care like yoga, massage, reading, exercise, sleep. Whatever makes you happy and brings a smile on your face. Fill out all the lines–maybe not all today, but you can keep adding.
Then journal about that person or activity and why it brings you joy. You could write one a day. It becomes your positive memory bank. A place that you can return to when life feels too hard or you simply have a bad day. It reminds you that the sun will always shine.
Decorate your positive memory bank page. Make it yours. There’s only a right way for you to journal, so do what makes you feel happy. Let your inner creativity shine through.

Change in Perspective–Gratitude Day 25

We are all raised with a certain perspective based on our parents’ influences, beliefs, and opinions. When we head out on our own and experience different situations our perspective can change. Sometimes a new way of looking at life is thrust upon us by opportunity, tragedy, loss, separation, relationships, the list is endless. Some are positive and some not so much. And we long for the time before our lives were flipped upside down.


My life, just like so many others, has been flipped upside down and it’s tough to handle especially this month. Tonight I am grateful I took the opportunity to try something new and literally change my perspective. Whether it’s aerial yoga (I think I grew an inch, but my head felt like it was going to explode) or traveling to a new place or going back to school, doing something different, switching your life upside down on your terms can open your mind to so much.

Tonight I needed something physical to get me out of my head. I needed to shake up my perspective that October is really difficult for me and have do something adventurous.

It was fun, and I’m grateful my sidekick was there with me. I’m not sure if this type of yoga is her thing as there was plenty of swinging through the air, but she was openminded enough to give it a try.


No matter what I do, I am grateful my perspective on life hinges on the hope that tomorrow will be better, the knowledge that I have a whole tribe who have my back, and I am strong enough to bend, but not break.

A Lovely Day–Gratitude Day 20

gratitude quote

This quote was in my journal, and as I sit back thinking about what I did today, I feel full, loved, and happy. It’s hard for me to say that I’m happy. It is often accompanied by a sense of guilt. How can I be happy when I miss Nick so much? How can I be happy when another mom is missing her boy on his 17th birthday? How can I be happy when another mom lost her son today?

In a world that is filled with so much pain and loss, how does gratitude fit in? When I am present to what I am grateful for, it soothes the cuts that life inflicts on me. I do not ask of myself what I am not yet ready to give or do, but being grateful shows me that there is grace in this world. There are positives, and in order to do good and live my life, I need to have hope.

Hope that the world will heal, that those who lost loved ones can find comfort in having loved, that tomorrow will be a better day.

Today I was very present with my husband and son. I was overjoyed to hug Stephen and appreciated spending time with him. We had a great day. And that is enough to be grateful for.