Share Some Happinews


My husband and I were away with friends last week in Miami. It was a much needed break, and I actually managed to cut myself off from most of my technology. I didn’t read emails, but I checked out FaceBook, posted a couple fun photos on Instagram, and glimpsed at the news.

We live in a world where bad news is as common as breathing. There isn’t one person who hasn’t been personally affected by tragedy, illness, loss, or anything negative. When we are barraged with horrible tragedy around the world, news of loved ones being ill, we can’t help but worry about what’s next.

Being away for a while solidified what I want to invite into my life. I want joy, laughter, and goodness around me. I want to share it with others. Yes, with family and friends we are always going to have news that isn’t positive, but what about the happy news? We should be able to tell those we love what is good that is happening in our lives.

Sometimes I don’t even want to read what I wrote about in my journal, because it’s so sad what is happening in the world. Even though a journal is an excellent place to write about what hurts or bothers you, it’s equally important to remember the happy and memorable moments.

Last week was wonderful. We relaxed on the beach, soaked in some sun (and brought it back for everyone!), ate awesome food, and even went salsa dancing! It’s happinews that I recorded in my journal.

Writing about the positive fills your emotional bank account for when life gets tough. We not only need happiness in our lives, we need to share it! Whether it’s telling a family member about your job promotion or an experience that moved you, people want and need to hear about good things in life.

Share your happinews with others, write it in your journal, and make plans to create even bigger and better happinews! One day at a time look at the positive and do what makes you happy.