Feeling Thankful


It’s just one of those days where I set our early to get a great workout in at G-Box with Brenna, and I feel the difference in my body as I prepare for my next karate belt. I came home to start my work day preparing for my writing class tonight, setting up registration for Nick’s Fight to be Healed’s upcoming fundraisers, finishing the manuscript for my client, and updating my hubby on my workout.

I felt thankful that despite some crankiness in my body, it has sustained me for 50 years, and I am able to be active and competitive in what I physically want to do. I’m grateful that I was able to stay at home with my children, work flexible hours and continue to do that even when we are empty nesters, thus allowing me to get these workouts in. My husband’s hard work has given me the space to be creative in my career and also fulfill my mission of helping children fight cancer. This gift is priceless.

I wanted to let him know how thankful I am.

IMG_0379 (1)

I am incredibly grateful and thankful that my boy will be coming home for the summer. He has a local internship, and I am mentally preparing for the constant vibrations of music that will resonate through the first floor. Having Stephen around changes the dynamics of the household, and I can’t wait to have his buds over and feed them! So boys come over hungry for goodness sake! I’m Italian and Greek–never eat before you come to my house!

I’m thankful it’s not snowing! (have to find something good with this weather!) And soon I will be reunited with Harley, and we will ride off into the sunset. Oh yes, my husband will be sure to come along!

Sometimes it’s wonderful to stop and soak in all that is good in your world, all that is sacred and precious. It’s not guaranteed to always be there, so as I pause and reflect, I am very thankful.

What are you thankful for today?