Find the Good

Photo by Alysia Thomas

My son and I were texting one day. He had to go to work and was worried he wouldn’t like what he was doing. Part of it was that he wasn’t sure exactly what was expected of him or what his responsibilities would be. He only figured he wouldn’t enjoy himself. I said, “Be nice, be grateful, and find the good.”

He called me after work and with an excited voice, told me he had a great day. He met new people, did work that interested him, and received compliments on how quickly he caught on.

Now I’m not saying that my advice turned his whole day around, but perhaps it shifted his perspective.

Be nice. In any situation, if you think you are going to have a bad time, then most likely that is what you will have. If you put a smile on your face (even if you don’t feel it at that moment), you will attract kindness and good things will happen. Then your smile and happiness will come naturally.

Be grateful. It’s difficult to remember to be grateful, especially when we are on this constant stream of movement, catching up, filling our time, and forgetting to be in the present moment. This morning as I walked my dog, I appreciated the quiet, the sunshine, and being able to take this time for myself. Being grateful for an opportunity opens us up to possibilities and again puts that smile on our face because we are in a good place. It’s a reminder.

Find the good. The door to goodness opens when we allow ourselves to look. In every dark place, there is light. Even when there are clouds, the sun is still shining, but it’s hard to remember that when the darkness overwhelms us. Each day note what was good and take notice of the people who nourished and empowered you. Keep them around and keep doing what makes you happy. These moments make those darker ones a tad bit lighter.

What is a situation where you can be nicer or kinder?

What are you grateful for today?

Where can you find goodness in your day? What is positive? Who do you want to be around who will make you happy and put a smile on your face? What can you do to make it happen?

Every day, be nice, be grateful and goodness will find you.

Let Them Know


My niece, Olivia, is heading to Miami for work next week, and I’m not sure how long she will be there, but it’ll be a while. I call her and her sister my nieces, even though they aren’t blood related. The bond we have with them and their parents is one of family, and they are a part of my heart.

I thought about Olivia and all the joy she brings into my life and those around her. She babysat my boys when they were little (poor thing!). She was always there for them and was especially supportive during Nick’s journey with cancer for both Nick and Stephen. Seeing how much Olivia brings me joy, I thought about all the wonderful people in my life. I have been blessed with a fun and wonderful family, friends who would go to the end of the earth for me (and have), a husband who adores me (and is very patient!), and two sons who taught me that love is endless.

I make certain that I see all these fantastic people as much as possible, because they lift me up, they make me happy, and they empower me to be the best person I can. I check in with my nieces and nephews and other friends who don’t live close by. I don’t do it enough, so that is an action plan for me.

Life is too short to get caught up in the rat race and forget why we are here. Sharing your love, sending it to those far away can be as simple as a text, although a phone call or FaceTime is even better. Perhaps you can plan a trip, go to the movies, or get together for dinner. Connect with those you love and brighten your life. Do it now. Don’t wish for it, act on it.

We fall into the negative commentary of: “Well they should call me.” Create the action you want mirrored back to you. If you want to see more of someone, let them know, and tell them why. Show your love.

Tonight I gather with people who mean so much to me, who have lifted me up, and have brought me joy, so we can send off one of our chicklets with flair! I will tell Olivia that I love her, that I will miss her, and that I am very proud of the compassionate, strong, and determined young woman she has become.

And yes I will plan a trip to see her! If that happens to be on an awesome beach, then I am even luckier than I thought!

Who in your life brings you joy, empowers you, makes you laugh?

Who do you wish to see more often? What is stopping you?

What action can you take to reach out now and connect?

Do it today. You never know what joy you make bring them.