Step Back Saturday–House of Truth

Last night I had a dream in my childhood home in Greenville. This dream made me think about the Greenville House, and how patterns and themes are developed from our dreams if we pay attention and record the details.

I have dreamt of the Greenville House many times. The first was when I was about 8 or 9 and living there. I dreamt that skeletons walked the house, and I was the only one living there. This was one of my strongest and reoccurring nightmares, and after my father died, the house did feel empty.

I often dreamt of my dad after he passed. My dad died when Stephen was two months old and Nick was two years old. When Nick was ill at age 12, I dreamt of my dad holding him in the living room of the Greenville House. I thought it meant Nick would be healed, but really my dad was bringing him home.

I met many people living and those who passed on in this house. It became a place where the truth, no matter how hard, was shown. I named it the Greenville House of Truth. What was dreamt there synchronized with my life or prepared me for what was to come.

I would never have noticed these patterns if I hadn’t tracked or titled my dreams and followed the Dream Lightning process that Robert Moss developed. Why is this important? Because when I dream about the Greenville House, it’s like a telegram or a FedEx envelope being delivered overnight. It’s urgent, and I need to take action now.

When my dad is in the house, I’m on high alert. I’m not sure what my dream from last night meant, but at least I’m paying attention and am open to the messages.

First and foremost, keep your journal by your bed and record your dreams as if you are describing a movie in the present tense. Title each dream. If you notice that many of your dreams are in a certain setting, then make a subtitle. For example, I’ll title a dream, Tsunami: Greenville House of Truth. This creates a pattern that I pay more attention to. Do you recognize this reoccurring setting? Is it in this reality or only in your dreamworld? Does it vary? Who shows up there?

Journal about the patterns and themes and what this place means to you as the places and people in our dreams can guide us in our everyday lives.

Journaling Chaos


I’m in the Jo Piracci board room at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. I haven’t set up yet for my workshop that starts shortly. People begin coming in. Soon the table is full. There isn’t any room for my computer. I set it up on a different table and can move the cord for the projector. Soon there are more people than chairs. I ask everyone to sit down. There are a few people with their middle grade kids. This is an adult class, so not sure what to do.

I see Rose come in who came to last class. I don’t see Karen yet and hope she makes it. The security guard comes in and wants to know why so many people are coming to a journaling class.

Because it works, I tell him!

I forgot to make copies so leave the chaos, but realize I need color copies and wanted to update the page with photo prompt and photo collage.

A man and woman are in a corner on a couch reading. I ask if they are here for the workshop. No. They just want to read and maybe listen. I leave them alone.

Feeling: frazzled, but happy my class is full.

Reality: My workshop begins tonight. Rose was on the waiting list and I slipped her in even though class is full. Usually one or two people can’t make every class. Karen is also coming, so that is exciting.

? What do I need for a successful session?

Action Plan: Redo types of journaling sheet and print at home in color. Print my notes. Get there early to set up. Don’t forget my cord for my computer! Have fun!

Catch Phrase: Journaling is creative chaos

Wolf at my Door

wolf-predator-carnivores-pack-animal-158108I am on a back porch of someone’s house, maybe one of the two women who sit at a table with me. It’s an open screened porch with a screen door to the house. There’s a small hill in the backyard, surrounded by trees and other homes on each side. The women are commenting about all the rabbits in the yard. Then there are squirrels. Suddenly a doe pops through the trees and comes closer to the hill.

Then one of the women whispers, “Wolf.” There are two bordering the tree line. One is brown and smaller, then other darker, bigger, and male. A boy about 3 years old is on the porch. He’s not mine. I grab my phone to take a picture, but just then the brown wolf attacks the doe just as she rests the hill. I yell for the child to get inside. I open the door for him, but don’t follow.

The deer jumps onto the porch. Her back and hind legs are bloody, skin ripped to bone. She pushes her nose against the door, her scared eyes so human. I say no and close the door. I feel for her, but I have to protect the child inside. I don’t know where the wolves are, but my back is to them.

This is a dream that I had last night and the next part of my entry is my response using the Lightning Dreamwork process developed by Robert Moss. It’s an amazing way to use dreams as guidance in your everyday life. For more information go to

Feeling: vulnerable, unsettled, scared. I wasn’t afraid of the deer, but of what was behind me.

Reality: I live near a lot of woods. There have been coyotes and some deer, but not many. I feel it’s more symbolic, like there are wolves at my door.

? What kind of wolves are at my door? Time suckers? Health warnings? Are they reminders to stay on my path? Am I a docile deer running from the world and depending on others to help me and hold me accountable? How can I protect myself?

Action Plan: I am responsible for my own actions and how I spend my time. I know that I am a fixer. I want to fix everything and everyone, but I have to start with me. Eating well, exercising, doing work that I’m passionate about. Protecting my space is a constant theme in my life, so I’ll take action to do that and keep my priorities in front of me. But I can’t ignore what may be sneaking up on me, so I must remain aware of what I say yes to. This may mean saying No more often, giving myself downtime to journal and exercise, and spend time with people I love.

Catch Phrase: Don’t Feed the Wolves!

Keep your journal by your bed and write down any dream you have from the night before. It may be a feeling, a snippet of an image, a whole story. The more you practice, the more dreams you will remember. Then use the questions that I did for my dream. If you keep track of your dreams, themes will appear and you will become your own dream guide.