Oooh That Smell!

This title reminds me of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song, That Smell, and that my dad liked to sing it. It’s funny, because this post was going to be about free association of a scent or smell and what it reminds you of. Tangents are what makes journaling fantastic, so I’m going to go with it!

Yes, we were a Southern rock household, and I clearly remember slow dancing to Free Bird at a school dance even when the song kicked up.

Oldie but goodie from my husband’s album collection!

My dad always sang around the house and when he was working. He had a soothing, deep gravelly voice and could hold a tune. He knew words to so many songs, but his favorites were the golden oldies of the 50’s.

One of my clearest memories of my dad singing and expressing his love of music was on the weekends. As a teen, I felt it was necessary to sleep until at least noon. We had an intercom system set up in every room, so music could pump through the house. My dad would blast songs like Good Golly Miss Molly, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, and Rockin’ Robin through the speakers. Somewhere in the depths of my dreams, I would hear the music, but I also ignored it.

That’s when Dad would kick it up a notch. Inspired by songs like Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On, he would turn the music up as high as possible and literally shake our beds! He’d lift the mattress and throw me off. Screams and tantrums meant nothing to him. After there was no possibility of going back to bed, he would saunter off singing and continuing his day.

My dad encouraged singing. Road trips included listening to Barbra Streisand (one of his favorites) and Neil Diamond (one of my mom’s). We could belt out the words right along with him. Whenever I hear any of these songs or the songs that my dad use to sing, powerful memories of love, family, and unity spark through me.

Journal from “oooh that smell…” Free associate with whatever comes up for you right now or from your childhood. If your mind wants to go on a tangent, let it fly! Let me know how it goes!