Lazy Day Sundays–Gratitude Day 22

There was nothing lazy about today, but being home to get caught up feels likes downtime to me. When I’m running around all week, all I look forward to is one day to sleep in and do stuff around the house.

I slept until the dogs made themselves known by barking at whatever noises freaked them out. That was fine, since I had a whole list of items I wanted to finish. The usual–laundry, vacuum the piles of dog hair, use my dishwasher that finally got fixed (woo hoo!), clear the dining room table, food shop, bills, etc. See, not so lazy of a day.

It was such a beautiful day out that I had to take the time to enjoy it and walk the dogs. Lauren who lives next door and Addy who lives across the street love walking the dogs with me. Today they were playing together (they are 7) and asked to walk the dogs. So we took a stroll, they basically ran with the dogs and talked. Not stressing about what needs to be done and spending time with the kids on the street makes it a lazy and wonderful day.


After food shopping, I made an orzo soup that was perfect for a day of chilling and catching up. My husband’s lazy day consisted of playing soccer, then cleaning up the yard and gardens, and prepping for winter. The soup was just what we needed to slow down.

Now that the bills are paid and there’s still some money left over (another woo hoo!), I’m going to chill out and read.

The upcoming week may be plum crazy, but today was plain lazy, and I’m grateful for both.