Shedding Winter, Sprouting Spring

Photo by Alysia Thomas

Spring is finally here, but there still is snow on the ground! What a perfect time to shed the winter blues by clearing your house, body, and mind.

All winter, I’ve been slowly working on clearing my house. It’s turning out to be a long-term project, because some weekends are filled with other activities. But I use my journal to track what I have done (which makes me happy) and to see what else I need to do. I broke it down into rooms. For example:

My Bedroom:

Clear out clothes we don’t wear anymore.

Clean off my dresser and throw out all the socks that are missing their matching pair!

Organize the bags of gift bags and wrapping paper that I keep in my closet.

Get rid of outdated medications, organize linen closet, and clean our cabinets in bathroom.

Purchase new curtains, sheets, and comforter.

Get my husband to repair the ceiling from a leak and hire a painter for the walls.

Hang pictures on the wall.

I’ve done everything except the ceiling repair, painting, and purchase of curtains and bedspread. Now that my room is clear of clutter, I try hard to keep it that way. I feel a sense of accomplishment as I check all the finished items off in my journal. I have done this for each room in the house. The storage room, family room, dining room, library, and all the bathrooms are finished. I still have a lot to go, but it’s a process that I’m enjoying. I falter on a lot of the papers that I have stored and probably don’t need. The historian and hoarder in me holds on to everything.

Clearing my body is always an interesting spring project. I try to maintain a certain amount of exercise throughout the  year, although winter is the hardest. As the weather gets warmer, I naturally want to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and start my flower and vegetable gardens. As a sufferer of allergies, I really have to watch what I eat in the spring, so clean eating is essential.

I started an annual fruit cleanse last year during my yoga 40-day personal transformation program. It was a three-day cleanse where I could only eat fruits and veggies that had seeds. I made delicious avocado and tomato salads with olive oil. Drank Naked juices and as many fruits and veggies as I wanted. I felt full of energy, and my allergies were at an all time low. Combined with hot yoga, my body was renewed and sprouted back to life!

Clearing out my garden and prepping it grow my vegetables is a ritual that both my husband and I enjoy. It’s therapeutic to weed and enjoy the food that came from my planting.

Being in my garden clears my mind, which is a positive form of therapy. There is something about new life coming forth and enjoying the warm rays of sunshine while I relax in my back yard. Being outside and walking my dogs calms me and sparks my creativity. Finding stillness in meditation is the perfect way to clear all the clutter, negativity, and stress that I feel as I begin my day. I’d like to try it before I go to bed as well, but am working on that.

Photo by Alysia Thomas

As I think about spring, I am hopeful that the new space I have opened in my home, my body, and mind will create new opportunities and relationships that empower me and my life purpose.

What are you ready to clear out of your life as you say goodbye to winter? What are you welcoming in to grow? What opportunities are opening as you create space? What rituals do you practice to welcome in spring?