Settle in Sundays

Family traditions take all forms. Some are passed down generations to generations, while others are newer based on changing times and situations. Some are formed through tragedy, but deepened by love.

Last night was one of those newer traditions with A Purple Tie Affair. My niece, Marisa, has been involved in this event with me for the last few years. Her mom, my sister Michele, also attended and helped throughout the evening. Organizing and volunteering for this event year after year becomes a healing balm that lets us honor those who are fighting cancer and remember my son, Nick, who lost his battle. My hope is that this tradition builds unity across a community, as well as spreads love, strength, and joy within my family. Through tradition, we can raise awareness.


Tradition comes in all forms. They can be started by anyone and be as simple as getting coffee once a week with a friend or as complex as an annual scavenger hunt on Easter Sunday. It can be finding a beautiful way to remember those you love.

What new tradition will you form with your family or friends?