Spring into Self-Care

image from luvoinc.comĀ 

It’s been a long winter and an even longer spring waiting for the sun to shine and flowers to unfold from the earth. We have our own form of hibernation and as we venture outside and add more activities to our day, it’s important to take care of ourselves.

Self-care comes in many forms. The above image attracted me from Pinterest, because what we put in our body has a direct impact on what we can do in our day. If we want to fulfill our goals, live our passion, have longevity, we need healthy nourishment. Luvo is a food nourishing company where you can purchase healthy pre-made meals. There are many out on the market, but eating foods that are in season and support your lifestyle is essential.

What other type of self-care can we put into our day? A very easy (well, maybe not so easy) form of self-care is relaxing. This was the theme in my yoga class today with Lynn. She told us to relax in a pose like forward fold, in order to get through a harder one chair pose, which she kept us in for quite a while! Taking a deep breath and relaxing your body will relieve the tension of a difficult situation, caring for a loved one, or dealing with daily stress.

Taking the time to get outside, take a walk, clean up some leaves, plan a vegetable or flower garden, go for a run, or sit in the sun. Being present in that moment meant for you will have more of a positive impact than if you think about everything that has to be done while practicing self-care.

I love reading a book and drinking tea. Tea never goes out of season. It can be hot or cold. Writing in your journal is a powerful form of healing that focuses you inward.

Write down different ways to take care of yourself. How do you relax? What do you consider to be playtime? Self-care isn’t always about being still and keeping it simple. It can be going on a date with your partner, going out with friends, visiting a place that makes you happy.

It’s spring. Most of us want to go on some type of adventure. Take the time to enjoy it and notice the details.

Make a list of your spring playtime activities. Keep it in a place where you will see it daily. Check off the fun events you have done. Write about them in your journal so you remember why it’s important to take time for you.

Photo by Kim Tateo

If you don’t feel that you can take any time for self-care, why not? This could be the best opportunity to delve a little deeper.

Get a spring in your step and take care of yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for you and your family.