January in Review

Before I jump into a new month I like to review where I have been. The power of journaling is in the self-inquiry and checking in to make sure I’m on the right path.

As far as using my journal for my calendar, this is the first time I laid out the entire month. I listed my goals for the month to keep my priorities up front and center. It helped me track what I had to do and spread it out through the month.

I added daily quotes, which inspired and were often self-fulfilling.

One of my goals for January was to write book two of The Puzzle Quests. I’m more than halfway through, but emphasizing it as a priority was motivation, and I plan to finish the draft this month.

Stephen was home during the beginning of the month for school break. That feels so long ago! This was a perfect example of being flexible and remembering my priority-him when he is home.

I’m at this awesome place in my life where I can focus on my business. Luke and I have our own goals and those that we share. We give each other the space we need to fulfill our dreams

I still struggle with too much on my plate. My journal keeps me accountable on how I spend my time. I need more downtime. I was out of the house 19 of 31 nights. Too much for me with working all day.

I started getting more exercise in and slowly adjusting my food to healthier choices.

In February I will continue to write and create, focusing on self-care. And of course Valentine’s Day! Have a fabulous month!

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