Focus on the Good Times

The house is quiet once again. For two weeks, Stephen was home from college. I have to adjust back to the quiet, the dogs not barking when he comes home after midnight, the music blaring, and the video game action shaking the floor. I miss it. I’ll be sad for a couple days, while I settle into the empty nest routine once again.


The dogs who loved Stephen’s Christmas presents miss his presence. They roam around his room and have a hard time settling in for the night.

I know in another year and a half, he’ll be on his own (maybe!) and those breaks will become visits. It helps me to focus on the joy I had while he was home.

Zoey will do anything to get Stephen’s attention!
It’s an annual tradition to find the pickle in the tree. Alysia won once again this year!
Always enjoy having my sisters over!
Missing some of our kids, but wonderful when we can connect and remember what is important!

We have held a Christmas ping pong tournament for the last four years. Alysia and Charlie got some practice time in at college and the three-time champion, Rich Thomas put up a good fight, but was defeated!

It was close, but Stephen kept the trophy in the household this year!
Enter a caption

Family matters. I love having my son home and switching life up to be present with him. I soak those moments in and have a huge appreciation for them, as I know how fleeting life can be. I am grateful for my family and the joy we collectively share during the holidays and whenever we are together.

Take a moment to remember your holiday, your gatherings, your family. Revel in the joy, remember those who are not with you, and focus on the good times.

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