Change in Perspective–Gratitude Day 25

We are all raised with a certain perspective based on our parents’ influences, beliefs, and opinions. When we head out on our own and experience different situations our perspective can change. Sometimes a new way of looking at life is thrust upon us by opportunity, tragedy, loss, separation, relationships, the list is endless. Some are positive and some not so much. And we long for the time before our lives were flipped upside down.


My life, just like so many others, has been flipped upside down and it’s tough to handle especially this month. Tonight I am grateful I took the opportunity to try something new and literally change my perspective. Whether it’s aerial yoga (I think I grew an inch, but my head felt like it was going to explode) or traveling to a new place or going back to school, doing something different, switching your life upside down on your terms can open your mind to so much.

Tonight I needed something physical to get me out of my head. I needed to shake up my perspective that October is really difficult for me and have do something adventurous.

It was fun, and I’m grateful my sidekick was there with me. I’m not sure if this type of yoga is her thing as there was plenty of swinging through the air, but she was openminded enough to give it a try.


No matter what I do, I am grateful my perspective on life hinges on the hope that tomorrow will be better, the knowledge that I have a whole tribe who have my back, and I am strong enough to bend, but not break.

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