Stephen–Gratitude Day 21

Marisa with Michele and stephen 1997

Stephen was born exactly two years and two weeks after Nick. We barely made it to the hospital or onto a bed before he shot out into the world. He hasn’t stopped since.

1998 November2

Nick always made Stephen laugh and was his best translator. Whenever we couldn’t understand what Stephen was saying Nick could tell us. Stephen never rolled or crawled. At 13 months, he actually walked in Disneyland just like in the commercials.

After that he was always on the run.


Yesterday Luke and I went to see Stephen to celebrate his birthday. I am thankful he still hugs his mom, although not when there are girls around that he wants to meet. That’s all right! I take the hugs when I can get them!




I am grateful Stephen has wonderful friends who are like brothers to him. They have grown up together and have always been there for each other. Stephen is loyal, kind, compassionate, and true to family.


He has a good heart, and I am so happy whenever I get to spend time with him. He is such a pleasure to talk. He has his own mind, opinions, and path. We talk about the world, music, school, philosophy, and dreams. Every milestone in his life has been intriguing as I see the man he is becoming. I am grateful he chose me to be his mom to raise him, instill good values, and allow him to go the way that is best for him.


He will always be my baby. His smile and the love in his eyes warm my heart.

Happy 20th Birthday, Stephen!

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