Momma–Gratitude Day 10


Happy Birthday, Mom! Today I am grateful for my momma. She has spent a lifetime taking care of others and being there for us.

She is a yes for going to plays and movies.


My partner for book signings.


The matriarch of the family.

I visited her this morning for her special day, brought her favorite Panera soup, and gave her a copy of my new book. She is very excited to read it and probably will have it done in an hour. She inspired me to start reading and my love of books took off from there.

She mentioned that her kids give and do so much for her. She tends to feel like she doesn’t do enough back.

Well, sometimes we forget what we have done in the past and need to be reminded!

My mom stayed home with us until she went to nursing school at age 40. She was the reason I stayed home with my boys.

Mom and her 8th grandchild, Stephen

Even working outside of the home, she was always there for us. Here are some ways:

  1. Protecting our home with a butcher knife from a crazy invader.
  2. Defending me as I sprinted down the sidewalk in Long Island from bullies.
  3. Carrying me out of the nurse’s office (after a few choice words to the nurse) when she said I was faking and didn’t break my leg. I did in fact.
  4. Being an advocate when we couldn’t do so for ourselves.

She taught by example:

  1. Teaching us the power of a meal prepared with love and that you can never have too much food.
  2. The importance of a strong and high quality work ethic and that you can do a good job and be a compassionate person.
  3. Giving your all as a caregiver and being brave when your heart is breaking.
  4. Fighting for our dreams takes grit and tenacity.
  5. How to make meatballs and a mean sauce.
  6. The strength of family.

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