Growing Family–Gratitude Day 9

cousinsI am grateful for our growing family. I often wonder what my son’s wife (if he plans to marry) will be like and get excited about how our family will build and change. When Kyle, (wearing suspenders) married my niece, Samantha (next to him), he became an instant member of the family. He is a wonderful person and brings laughter and his great personality to our crazy group. He gets and I hope appreciates the craziness.

This past weekend, my nephew, Sal, married his college sweetheart, Mishelle. Besides the fact that it was a wonderful and special day, I now have another niece!


Mishelle is joyful, has a beautiful singing voice, and it’s like she was always a part of us. I love big family gatherings, loud get togethers, every flat area filled with food, kids running around, and everyone reluctant to leave. Now that all the ‘kids’ are older (the youngest three are 18), everyone is doing their thing, living their lives, and that’s damn good. But how I love when we get together and you have to go outside to give your eardrums a break from the high voltage of conversation.

We need more happiness and joyful tidings to celebrate. So I am especially grateful that on my Nick’s birthday, we added a new member to our family. Nick voiced his approval by shining his light on us.


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