My Yoga Mat–Gratitude Day 4


Sometimes the most important parts of us get pushed aside when life gets too busy. This always happens to me during this time of year and getting sick hasn’t helped.

Today I forced myself to uncurl my yoga mat, and as I knelt down into child’s pose I felt relief. I had finally arrived to my space where nothing is good or bad, deadlines, emails, and phone calls don’t exist, and judgement isn’t allowed. I felt like crinkled paper thrown in a trash bin, but after a huge coughing fit, my lungs settled down, and I flowed.

My mat is my sacred space. I can turn off the world, I can let my feelings flow, and I accept me as I am. I wondered why it’s the first part of me I let go when life gets hard.

Today I’m grateful for my yoga mat and whatever guidance pushed me toward it. The beauty of a yoga practice is I can do it anywhere, anytime, and I can always begin again no matter where I have been. It’s accepting, forgiving, supportive, and gives me the space I need both physically and mentally.

What I have found only four days into my month of gratitude is that I’m looking for the good things in this world. I’m searching for those moments of kindness toward myself and toward others. Being grateful opens the door to being a better human being.

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