Crazy Apple Picking–Gratitude Day 3


It all started with Olivia wanting to go apple picking when she was home from Miami and grew into a crazy adventure with my soul sister, Iris. When you throw in a ladder and a tractor, you know this isn’t your typical apple picking tradition. (Being the voice of reason once again, Alyssia put an end to the possible tractor ride!)

There’s something nostalgic about apple picking, the family connection, remembering the boys and their cousins going on a hayride, eating tons of apples, and capturing their sugar coated faces in a forever smile.

As much as I wanted to go apple picking, there hasn’t been time, and it’s a lot more fun when you have a group of people.


Luckily I have many adopted daughters who don’t mind me tagging along. At least I provide some comic relief for them!

Today I am grateful for my Cuban family and all the laughter, joy, and craziness they bring into my life. It was a beautiful day. I enjoyed quality time with my girls. Each moment with them keeps me on my toes, because I never know what adventure Iris will lead me on next.

Thank you ladies for making my day special!

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