My Little Sister-Gratitude Day 2

I was five years old when my little sister, Michele, came home from the hospital. I remember my mom holding her on her lap in the passenger’s seat. I couldn’t say her name, and I think I called her Shell.

You would think that five years would be enough to create distance in siblings as we were often at different points in our lives. Forever, I saw Michele as an 8-year-old with her shiny straight black pageboy haircut, her skinny legs, and big laughing smile. But we always hung out together and were cut from the same chaotic cloth. I guess that’s why we understand one another so well.


Even though we were five years apart, everyone thought we were twins. When we mentioned the age difference, it always irked her that no one could figure out who was older. Probably can now, but who cares!

Today I am grateful because some years ago (I won’t mention ages, although I don’t think she would care!) Michele came into my life. She has been my little sister, my confidant, Godmother to my Nick, special aunt to my Stephen. She has seen the best and worst of me and loves me anyway. Our hearts break and celebrate the same and our kids are truly like our own.

2000 summer vacation2

So today I wish my little sister, Mush Mouse Michele, a very big and scrumptious Happy Birthday and thank you for being there for me and making my world much brighter!

Love you!


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