Fall Pickings

Even though it’s 80 out, fall is just around the corner and apple picking is supposed to be fantastic this season. Fall is a time for hikes, enjoying the leaves changed, drinking hot apple cider, and preparing for the cooler weather.

This past week, I held my monthly journal writing workshop at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. Some of the new attendees were nervous about all the washi tape, paper, and stickers I had strewn around the table. Yes, journaling is writing, but it’s so much more. It’s whatever you want your journal to be, and you’ll be amazed how creative you can be when you have the tools.



Journaling can keep us on track in life whether for our life path or what we want to do for the month. One of our activities was a fall picking journal entry. Everyone shared what they love to do in the fall. Above you can see some of the fun activities Michele wanted to do. Yes, my sister came to a workshop and yes, everyone knew we were related! She had a great time, and I enjoyed having her there. I plan to join her in some of these great ideas!

Here are some more everyone came up with:

Leaves turning and viewing

Making pumpkin muffins

Apple picking

Make soup

Tea by the fire



Costume parties

Pumpkin patch


Haunted hayride

Ghost tours

Carving pumpkins

Taking walks

Reading books—which ones?

Flower peeping mums

Fall motorcycle ride

Decorating the house


Hot apple cider and cider donuts


Sarah’s fall bucket list also included self-care and personal well-being, which is a wonderful reminder throughout the year.So often we get excited for certain activities and traditions during a season and then life gets in the way. Before we know it the season is over and all the apples are picked. This list can be placed right in your journal or on a larger decorative page like the two examples. Place them on your fridge or somewhere you will see it regularly.

We did this during the summer and I didn’t go to my Shakespeare plays, but I did get in some great rides, saw people I had been wanting to visit, and enjoyed my summer more, because I did what I loved to do.

What are you going to do this fall season? Make a list, then get a creative as you want. Just don’t forget the list once you finish and enjoy this beautiful season!

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