I’m sitting outside this morning thinking about how life is a balance of contrasts. Happiness and sadness, joy and sorrow, love and hate. It has always amazed me how I can feel those contrasts at the same time. 

I have worked hard to find a balance in between so that I’m closer to the positive, but life can be stubborn. It’s like a bully that just won’t back off until you face him and shove him back. 

I’m enjoying the solitude, the whisper of the wind rustling the leaves and yet I’m sad. I’m missing my son and as much as I have worked hard to bring happiness and joy to my family, we will always have this weight of sadness that sometimes is difficult to carry. It ebbs and flows through the different milestones, but somehow this year is tougher. Maybe because nothing stays the same and I’m trying to hang on to that sameness. 

Maybe my being positive isn’t enough to counteract all the negative. I don’t have the answers and maybe that is my problem. I’m not required to have all the solutions, nor am I required to fix everything. It’s hard enough keeping a balance within myself.  I only need to remember this so I can remove my cape and just be me. 

I know without the contrasts this would be a gray world. Sometimes gray is perfect, but most of the time I’ll take the contrast, because I have known true love, huge happiness, and pure joy. 

What contrasts are in your life and how can you find a balance between them?

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