What Love Can Do

Luke and I were in Charleston, South Carolina, and I found these blocks of wood painted with different types of hearts and themes of love. 

I immediately bought them all. The messages were simple and universal. 

Love Lifts us up if we allow it. When life knocks me down, I’m struggling with a problem, or my mood is low, I reach out to the ones who love me. I know without asking that they will lift me up. 

When I do this or my friends and family need support and it is positively received or given, then Love Grows. Trust in everyone grows and love and relationships deepen. It’s like the root of a tree that depends on the earth to hold it up. One sustains the other. 

In all I do, I try to put love and kindness first. When meeting a new person that means really seeing them and listening. Love Blooms when we are open to possibilities, synchronicities, and happiness. How lonely we would be always shutting people out. The next person I meet could be the one to help me further my purpose or be a major influence and joy in my life. 

Over anything, Love Reigns. Love for myself, my husband, my boys, my family and friends, and the world. 

It is the single biggest motivator I know. As long as I have love, I have hope. As long as I know love, I have purpose. 

What does love mean to you and how can you bring more of it to your life and those around you?

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