When You Hit the Wall, Change Directions

Photo by Alysia Thomas

Have you ever hit the wall and try every which way to get through it, even when it causes physical and emotional harm? Maybe this wall is an emotional block or a problem you are having at work or home. It could be a physical ailment that has you stuck in your quest to stay healthy.

Very often the only way is through, but sometimes it may not be the best or only option. What if you changed directions and brought ease into your situation? Could you lean against that wall for a moment and take a look around? Perhaps see the world from the wall’s perspective?

What if you changed your perspective or your angle? Could you find the ease in the situation and go around the wall for now? Then perhaps there’s an opening and you can find your way on the other side with less stress and pain.

Our paths aren’t always a straight line. Sometimes they take a turn we may not have wanted, but we can change our attitude and how we view it. The wall could be a block saying that our way isn’t the only one and possibly not the best one either. When we are wiling to go in a different direction that may take longer, but still routes us back to our path, overall we can learn something along the way. If only we are open to it.

What wall have you hit? Write about it and what would happen if you changed directions? Could you get back on your path and bring some ease into your life?


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