What Does it Mean to Live a Life of Value?

family photo 2008
Most important was teaching my boys to value themselves.

What does it mean to live a life of value, to be valued, to have a valued life? The last two feel external–like others decide if I am of value.

To live a life of value feels personal. But what does it mean to me? What do I deem importance enough to act upon?

–Creating a family and raising strong, compassionate, and kind children.

–Standing up for others.

–Putting myself in someone else’s shoes to empathize with what they are going through or at least appreciate their path, whether or not I agree with it.

–Providing hope through my stories. Sharing lessons of healing.

–Giving back despite or because of my pain.

–Letting those I love know.

–Helping someone/showing kindness–holding a door, picking up an item they dropped when their hands are full, helping a friend in need, smiling at someone I don’t know.

–Giving myself space to create and just be, so I know what my values are.

–Practicing yoga. Taking care of myself.

By writing my values down, I can honestly look at each and see if I am true to them. If not, then I can take appropriate action.

What does living a life of value mean to you? What’s important enough to push you to action?

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