Step Back Saturday

When I looked back at my week, I noticed I wrote many different phrases in my journal:

Bless this Hot Mess

Carry stillness and peace with me.

As long as there is the tiniest wildest chance, I can’t give up.

Speak my truth.

Stay out of it.

Mind my own business.

Luke was away, so I made a huge list of items I wanted to get done for my writing projects and the foundation. Add in working out for my next belt promotion, and my week was packed. The first message of Bless this Hot Mess came after I made my list for the week and realized how much I actually wanted and needed to get accomplished. Some items were on it to help me get caught up and some were to get ahead. I felt this message was positively blessing what I set out to do. Yea, I had a mess of work, but I can do it.

Carry stillness and peace with me was my goal to be at home in order to get the work done. I have a tendency to bounce around with my projects and in my car and maybe am not as efficient as I could be! My dogs and I established a routine and they benefited from my breaks as we went on more walks!

As long as there is the tiniest chance, I can’t give up. One of our young adult warriors has been struggling in the ICU and this week was very precarious for her. She is slowly getting better, but I worry about her and her family as I know what they are going through. Cancer is such a big pain in the ass in my life, because so many close to me are currently battling. But as long as there is hope, I don’t give up, and my wish is that those battling soak up that energy and belief.


Speaking my truth is a practice for me. I feel that sometimes when I do speak how I truly feel, I’m misunderstood. So I’m working on clarifying my thoughts before I speak them. This connects to Stay out of it and Mind my own business. Speaking my truth has to be for me and my purpose. I tend to get involved where maybe I should not, but I’m a fixer, so it’s hard to walk away. I want to help others, but sometimes people may not want or need my help. I’m learning, but speaking my truth for me will not be overshadowed by fear, guilt, or insecurity.

What a week of productivity, extreme emotions, outspokenness, and chaotic peace! Next week I plan to maintain balance between my work and personal life and spread sunshine so whoever needs it will feel the love!

What was your week like? Reflect, appreciate, and move forward.

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