Oh The Places I will See in the US of A!

Flying to Miami, FL

My journal is a place of possibilities, synchronicities, action plans, and choices. As my husband and I traveled on a plane last month to Miami for our annual trip, I thought about the restaurants, night life, beaches, and local color. There are so many activities to do, but chilling on the beach and soaking in the sun is my favorite.

Reflecting back on my trip, I thought about where else I want to go. As much as I would love to travel outside of the US to Greece, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and England, I have always wanted to explore more of the country I love.

Then I thought about all the states I have visited. Some were just a drive through, but others were part of a scheduled visit to family, a soccer tournament, or a vacation.


How many states haven’t I visited and what did I do or see in the ones that I did visit? Was it memorable? Do I want to go back? Well there’s only one way to find out:

Alabama No
Alaska No
Arizona Yes–saw a college game when I was 19
Arkansas No
California Yes. San Diego for two of Stephen’s soccer tournaments. Would probably never have gone otherwise. Love it and would go again! San Francisco–same trip as Arizona at age 19.
Colorado No
Connecticut Yes. Soccer and family
Delaware No
Florida Yes. Many times to Disney, Stephen for soccer, visit family, annual trip to Miami
Georgia No
Hawaii No
Idaho No
Illinois No
Indiana No
Iowa No
Kansas No
Kentucky No
Louisiana NO
Maine Yes. Took a couple trips with our boys when they were little to York. Very fond memories
Maryland Yes. Stephen for soccer
Massachusetts Yes. Visit family and friends and recently to cheer my friend Kathy as she ran the Boston Marathon! Absolutely love Boston!
Michigan Yes. When I was a teen to visit my Uncle Steve and my cousins.
Minnesota No
Mississippi No
Missouri No
Montana No
Nebraska No
Nevada Yes. Lake Tahoe for my honeymoon. Las Vegas for my twin nephews’ christening 26 years ago and last year on a trip with my hubby and got to see my aunt, uncle, and cousins.
New Hampshire Yes? I think for soccer.
New Jersey Yes. Many times for soccer. Karate dinners and a sketchy visit to Elizabeth General Hospital when I ripped up my knee doing a tornado kick.
New Mexico No
New York Born here. I may need to venture deeper into the state and look for locations I’d like to visit and explore.
North Carolina No
North Dakota No
Ohio No
Oklahoma No
Oregon No
Pennsylvania Yes. Went to my cousin’s house a long time ago. Hershey Park when I was 7 and vomited all over my mom! Ah the memories. Soccer with Stephen and took him to Hershey Park, but we only visited the candy store!
Rhode Island Yes. Love the city of Providence as Stephen goes to college there. Federal Hill is one of my favorite places to eat. Have heard a lot about Newport
South Carolina Not yet! Going this month and can’t wait to see the Angel Tree-the largest oak tree in the US and hopefully chilling on Myrtle Beach.
South Dakota No
Tennessee No
Texas No, but want a girls’ trip to visit Lynn, Karen’s sister!
Utah No
Vermont Yes. Skiing, Shopping in Manchester, love Northshire Bookstore, many bed and breakfasts places, and soccer.
Virginia Yes. Soccer and when my sister and her husband moved there.
Washington No
West Virginia No
Wisconsin No
I’m sure I driven through most of the states on the east coast. The mid-west is virtually non-existent in my visiting, so I need to get cracking!
I plan to visit someone or something well-known in every state! I have a great deal of traveling to do!
If you have some suggestions, please add to comments!
Where do you want to go?


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