Hot Mess

This pretty much sums up my journaling for April. I’ve been recording my dreams and they have been doozies! Trying to find a pattern. 

My bullet journaling for my calendar has been a little off and I think I try to get too much done. I need that space for unexpected items that come up every day. 

So this week I tried to give myself a little breathing space knowing that my life can be a hot mess. It’s not necessarily bad, but when you care about a lot of people and want to help them all, life gets messy. 

My favorite post was Facing the Bear. I think I do that most days. 

One change I did make was planning my daily journal prompts a week at a time. This way I have a plan. 

Journaling is a practice that will never be perfect. That may be why It works for me. I like being messy. 

What is working for you? What doesn’t work? Your journal is a place for imperfect exploration!

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