Creating a Healing Place


Envisioning and Defining your Healing Place

When we envision a healing space, we are building a warm, safe and comforting environment for healing and connections. Close your eyes and think of a place that you hold dear–this can be a place where you and your loved ones have physically visited, it can be your childhood home, a vacation home, a room in your house, a tree, a favorite place in the woods or on the water. It can be a photo that evokes these wonderful feelings. It’s anywhere you feel peace.

What do you see? What sounds surround you? What do you smell? Is there a special scent that brings you a sense of fulfillment? What do you physically touch–sand on the beach, the rough texture of bark on a tree, pine needles or grass? Is there a taste, a special food that you always have in this place, salt on the air or in the water?

Open your eyes and write all the details of this place using all your senses. How do you feel when you are there? Who is welcome to visit? Who do you want to visit? This is your place of healing. A place where your soul remembers its purpose and reenergizes.

If you are having a hard time finding this place, write it in your journal as an intention before you go to bed and record your dreams.

After you have envisioned or imagined this special healing place, you can:

Find a photo of this place, put it in a frame, and keep it by your bed.

Write it out as a story.

Write a poem.


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