Grasping Gratitude

Spring2017journal class
Some of the participants from my spring 2017 journaling workshop!

It’s easy to be grateful when you are surrounded by wonderful people who are willing to experiment and try journaling. Pictured are some of the people who I connected with during my last journaling session. We did an exercise that I call Grasping Gratitude. I believe that no matter how sad or despondent we get in life there is always hope, there is always something to be grateful for.

They are holding some of their personal gift boxes that they created to grasp a part of their childhood that is sacred to them and reminds us of what we may have lost or can bring back into our lives that gave us happiness.


I wrote about my teenage years and how I rode my bicycle all around town to work, to karate, and over the many hills and mountains surrounding my home. There was a huge sense of freedom venturing out on my own, meeting new people, and challenging myself on longer treks. My parents didn’t worry about someone abducting me and follow every move I made. They gave me the freedom and support to do what made me happy.

I biked quite often in my adult life and loved biking with my kids. For the last few years, I haven’t biked as much, as I worry about the safety on the roads and whether I’m strong enough to still do it.

Remembering the thrill of riding my bike without hands flying down a hill was nostalgic. I may not do that again, but I plan to ride my bike on the road, either with friends or on my own. It’s a joy that I let go and doing this exercise brought it back for me. I am grateful that I can still ride a bike and revel in the freedom of the road!

Venture back into your childhood and see what you are grateful for and want to bring back into your life. The exercise is below. Share your thoughts!

Thank you to everyone who participated and join my newsletter at for upcoming workshops!

Grasping Gratitude

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