Living in Space

living spacially
Photo by Alysia Thomas

Although living in outer space will some day be a reality for everyone, I’m talking about something a bit closer to home.

Our spaces can be comprised of so many different aspects of our life.

Our bodies

Our minds

Our schedules

Our vehicle

Our house/office

It’s in our nature to stuff our space with more, whether it’s good for us or toxic. Sometimes we don’t realize the toxicity until our space overflows or our stomach expands or our bodies rebel in pain. Leaving space in my body to appreciate the food I eat or watching what I eat because of food allergies and striving for good health is often tough, because of all the temptations around me. Stores are crammed with what looks like healthy food, but when we take the time to read the ingredients, we see it isn’t. If we work our body to extremes, we need the space and time to let our bodies heal and our muscle repair. If we don’t too often strains, tears, and pulls occur–whether we are 15 or 50.

Having space in my mind is determined day by day! Sometimes when my mind is spacey and I’m forgetting everything, it’s because I have too much going on at once. First of all, I’m not in the present moment with whatever I may be doing, and second that overwhelming feeling trickles back into the care of my body. It also has to do with being open-minded and leaving space to receive other viewpoints, knowledge, and possibilities. If my mind is crammed, then I’m not going to be very open to anything else that will overload my brain.

I am the most guilty of cramming every action, meeting, or event into my calendar. If I have an open spot, I fill it with something. Or I put so much on my plate for one day that it’s basically impossible to get done. Then it floods over to the next day that is already full. By the end of the week, I’m drowning in my to do list. I can’t even appreciate what I did get done, because I didn’t take the time or leave the space to do so. That may reveling reveling in an accomplishment, figuring out why something didn’t go as well as I had hoped, or not taking the time to journal about the day.

I added our vehicles, because if you are like me, your car is just as cluttered as your mind. I especially noticed this as I drove my husband’s car for the last couple days. It was so nice not having to dig through layers of I’m not sure what to get to my sunglasses or audiobook. I took extra care to remove any garbage, because I wanted to leave it as nice as it was. On the other hand, the first words out of my husband’s mouth was how gross my car is! I don’t think he’ll be cleaning it out for me so I promise that by the end of April, my car will be cleaned!

Since I work from home, the house and office fall into the same package. I do love working from home, but my chaos tends to follow me around the house like my shadow. A couple months ago, I blogged about cleaning my office space, and I’m happy to say I have kept up with it. I notice a couple trouble spots, so I’m working on those. Also I had gone through all our holiday bins and had gotten rid of Easter decorations that I no longer wanted. It was simple and easy to decorate, and the house had an openness to it that I enjoyed. I am liking the open space in my house and am trying to maintain that by not purchasing a lot of knick knack type items.

It’s hard to maintain an open space to receive gifts from life and appreciate who we are and what we do. When we overload ourselves and the world around us with stuff that may not be needed or mean much anymore, we lose track of our purpose.

What do your spaces look like? Are you/they cluttered and overwhelmed? Stressed or relaxed? When was the last time you were able to sit back and really relax or appreciate what you do?

By breaking it down into different sections, any changes or improvements needed become attainable. Just leave space to take a break.

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