May the Fork be with Me. No, Me! No, Me! No, Me!!

Once upon a time there was a fork that had special powers. It could fluff chopmeat to create the lightest meatballs. It served food with the most delicate care. 

It was said that this fork was forged by the lightning of Zeus and resided on Mount Olympus until one of Greek descent was deemed worthy enough to wield it. 

Heroes come in all sizes. This Greek matriarch may be small, but she can pack a punch, especially when it comes to protecting her family and making delicious food. She pulled the fork from the chopmeat and was named the wielder of the fork of the gods. 

She and her champion had four children who honored the cooking powers of the fork. They learned the ways of making meatballs, sauce, the secrets of pastichio, and loyalty to family. 

Years went by and each of her children dreamed of owning the fork. They borrowed it in the hopes that the fork wielder would forget, but she never did. 

Sometimes they took off with the mighty fork only to be brought back in line by her weapon of choice–the wooden spoon.

Finally she set down the law and proclaimed that the fork would be held by each member of her family for a quarter of the year. Then each would hold the power of the fork. But not yet she claimed. 

Her time with the fork isn’t over as she continues to cook and be the matriarch. 

There are many who follow in her footsteps as her words and ways are wise. 

What is a family heirloom that you can weave a story around?

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