Holding Happiness/Facing Fears

Knowing what makes you happy is the foundation of your emotional health. Bringing joy into your life is the shelter that protects you from the storms. It gives you the strength to rise up when difficulties in life and your fears pull you down.


So many times we try to hide our fears through excuses or the masks we wear. We pretend we are stronger than we may be or that nothing fazes us. Wearing those masks and that armor literally wears us down until we don’t know who we are. Facing your fear and the darkness actually keeps you on the positive path to joy. What would happen if you changed your perspective and looked at fear as something that challenged?. Perhaps your fear is actually your soul saying, “Hey, you need to try this, because then you will grow.”

What are your fears? If you could talk to your fear, what would you say or ask? Do you fear revealing who you truly are, going back to school, getting out of a relationship, moving away from home, trying something new? When your fear shows its horrid face, it’s begging you to listen to it. It’s like having a nightmare. That’s the only way for your subconscious to get your attention when you still aren’t listening.

I fear that I’m not enough, that I won’t be able to help others when they need it most. I’m afraid to let my inner light shine, because I may fail.

It feels yucky. My stomach gets upset, my chest tightens, my voice shrinks, and I’m that little girl who was told that my dreams were just meaningless dreams.

To get rid of that feeling I need to go through it. Pain brings us to joy, because we know what the bad feels like. We grow gratitude by knowing how life can be. So when we face what we fear and do it anyway, we feel the lightness and joy of a great burden being lifted from our shoulders. We are empowered to face the next fear. We know we are back on track.

When I fight through the grip of my fears, I find myself:

Teaching writing workshops, because I have something to offer.

Helping children and their families during a tragic time, because with my compassion and empathy I can support them through their pain.

Writing my truth, because it heals me and gives hope to those who are having a hard time grasping their own.

When I face my fears, I know that:


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