Journaling Chaos


I’m in the Jo Piracci board room at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library. I haven’t set up yet for my workshop that starts shortly. People begin coming in. Soon the table is full. There isn’t any room for my computer. I set it up on a different table and can move the cord for the projector. Soon there are more people than chairs. I ask everyone to sit down. There are a few people with their middle grade kids. This is an adult class, so not sure what to do.

I see Rose come in who came to last class. I don’t see Karen yet and hope she makes it. The security guard comes in and wants to know why so many people are coming to a journaling class.

Because it works, I tell him!

I forgot to make copies so leave the chaos, but realize I need color copies and wanted to update the page with photo prompt and photo collage.

A man and woman are in a corner on a couch reading. I ask if they are here for the workshop. No. They just want to read and maybe listen. I leave them alone.

Feeling: frazzled, but happy my class is full.

Reality: My workshop begins tonight. Rose was on the waiting list and I slipped her in even though class is full. Usually one or two people can’t make every class. Karen is also coming, so that is exciting.

? What do I need for a successful session?

Action Plan: Redo types of journaling sheet and print at home in color. Print my notes. Get there early to set up. Don’t forget my cord for my computer! Have fun!

Catch Phrase: Journaling is creative chaos

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