Where the Heart Leads

heart in woods
Photo by Alysia Thomas

The heart was there just like he said it would be all those months ago. He said she would know when he was on his way back, for two souls connected through time can feel their heart strings tug when they are close.

He left on a bright spring morning, just as the crocuses were shooting to life. He left the home they shared, the family they had yet to grow, and the hopes and wishes they dreamt each night. He pressed his fingers to her heart then to his. He promised he would come back as he boarded the plane. She felt that promise even as he held his hand against the cold glass, memorizing her face.

He wrote letters like war heroes of old, sending love notes and details of lands and people she could only imagine. She wrote from her heart telling him that her love delved deeper than the oldest sequoia tree roots, flew higher than the largest bird, and swelled taller than the grandest ocean wave.

Slowly the letters stopped, until she wasn’t sure if she had imagined the man she loved or if he was only a fragment of the dreams they had envisioned together. Almost a year had passed. Almost her heart led her away from his promise. Then this cold March morning, her heart strings had tugged her up and out into the woods where so long ago he had pledged his love for her.

The heart couldn’t lie. So she trekked through the snow with tears of anticipation rolling down her rosy cheeks. Just as the trees opened a path for her, she saw him. He sat in a chair on the porch of their cabin. His eyes dark like the endless nights she spent missing him. When she ran toward him, those eyes lit with hope.

She paused and stared where his legs should have been. Her heart broke from the pain she knew he must have endured. He looked away as tears fell from his eyes onto the legs that would no longer support him, but had saved his brothers. She knelt before him until their eyes met. She touched her fingers to her heart and then to his. The heart always knows and led them back to each other.

Where does your heart lead? Write from it.

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