When the Sh** Hits the Fan, Close Your Mouth!


I hope no one thought I was going to put anything brown on the fan! I’d only have to clean it! This phrase popped into my head this morning when my sister asked if I’d be in Latham today. I said, “Well, the power is out, Luke is away, Stephen’s car needs to go into the shop again for a major repair, and he needs my car for an appointment.”

Plus my dogs are shaking, because of the wind, and I can’t do any work without power, unless I borrow my neighbor’s internet! (As you can see that I’m posting, you know that’s happening!)

When I said it like that I thought: Dang! What is going on with the universe? I thought of that phrase and closed my mouth.

I’m laughing about it all, because in the large scheme of what else could be going wrong, this is nothing. Yes, I am far behind in my work, yes car repairs, especially this one, will cost a lot of money, yes it’s chilly in the house right now, and yes I miss my husband!

I can get all frustrated and blame National Grid, the wind, or the Butterfly Effect. But really it just is. I have other things that I can catch up on for work. Fortunately, Stephen wasn’t driving when his car broke down, and he’s not stuck at school with it. I can load up on sweatshirts to warm up or figure out how to use the dang generator! The dogs are great to cuddle with as always! And my husband will be home tonight!

It really isn’t a big deal, but sometimes when life gets overwhelming, the little things can add up. So I will look at the positives. I’m going to see my BFF Iris for her bday today, and our family is going out to dinner tonight with another bestie’s family. Hopefully, the power will be on by then! If not we will build a fire and roast marshmallows!

What has hit your fan today and how will you handle it?

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