Month in Review


It’s March 1. After clearing my physical space yesterday, I’m taking the time to look back at my February journal to see what did or didn’t work. I had made a list of goals for the foundation, my publishing company, personal to do items that also include the family, and my physical/exercise goals.

First I looked back at the month. I tried a new daily scheduling technique that I learned from It separated each day into hours so I could break up my daily appointments and to do tasks. I liked it because I felt I had more room. I decided to have each daily calendar on the left, and then on the right I would journal about my day in connection to what I did. The journaling part worked very well. I found that I wrote almost every day, especially since I didn’t want to have a blank page! I wrote a lot about my day, but also how I was feeling doing the different activities.

I block off the time for activities in the left column and also color code my different jobs.

The calendar worked well at first. I found I was getting a lot done, but I wasn’t migrating what I didn’t do to the following week. Then I over scheduled and wasn’t even writing my to do list on my calendar. I was floundering in the too much work mode that I always fall in to. I basically couldn’t catch up.

My journal entry for this day was titled Manic Monday. Need I say anymore?

The other indicator that something wasn’t working was my list of February goals. In the four categories, I didn’t even finish half, except in personal. The problem is much of it is ongoing, but the question is: Are my expectations too high? Am I trying to do too much? Have I not figured out that I can’t be Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, and Zelda all at the same time?

This is the good and bad part of journaling everything. You get the whole picture. Sometimes it great and Yay Me! Other times it’s a wake up call. The value of sticking to a journal and laying everything out is that it forces you to prioritize.

So that is what I’m going to do. I will try the daily calendar again for March with my journaling space on the opposite page. And I’m also going to create a timeline for all my 2017 projects so that they will guide my priorities.

My biggest problem, however, is following the calendar. So just like I created space in my home office, I’m going to create space in my calendar to be realistic and effective.

Take a look at your journal for the month of February. Did you accomplish what you wanted to do? What do you want to add or change for March? Write about it, make a new plan, and start once again. No judging, no self criticism. A journal is fluid like life. Have a great month!

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