Step Back Saturday 

Not much stepping back today. More like stepping it up. The day started with an intense 90 minutes Baptiste yoga class with my rocking instructor Jess.

It was a tough class and everyone’s energy seem to drag, but we made it through together and I at least felt much better for it.

I took a quick trip to my mom’s, then raced home to shower and get to a meeting at 1pm. My darling husband cooked me a spinach and eggwhite omelette with a gluten free muffin before he went with his friend to go check out Indian motorcycles.

Our wonderful teen librarian in Clifton Park, Ashleigh, is holding a teen essay contest and I am one of the judges. 82 entries. So one of the judges and I began the judging process.

From there I went food shopping, then raced to Michael’s to use my 50% off coupon to get a pull case for my writing classes. Those who have seen me carry bags and bags of supplies will appreciate this!

Finally I made it home, and again my amazing husband brought all the groceries in. We walked the overweight dogs before it rained. (For that story, check out

Then the cooking began. Stephen is home from school, so some of the family are coming over tomorrow for Pasta and Meatballs. Twelve hours and 70 meatballs later (I know, small batch), I have finally sat down to chill with my hubby.

How was your day?

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