I feel like a dry well today. At last in the journal prompt department. I finally recalled details of my dreams last night and wrote them down. I think I’ve been too busy and with going to bed late, I’m not getting enough sleep.

The title Nothing initially meant that I had nothing to offer, or at least thought I didn’t today. Nothing was going through my mind, nothing mattered, but finding something to write about! But then it reminded me of a black t-shirt that Nick wore that simply read Nothing in white letters. I got it from a book conference, and Nick loved it.

I don’t know why he loved that shirt so much. It could have meant that nothing would ever stop him or nothing bothered him. Or maybe he wanted to do nothing.

Or the deeper meaning of Nothing could be when you ask someone what’s wrong, and they say, “Nothing,” but their body language says everything.

And what if you stare at nothing, isn’t it still something?

Then again maybe nothing is just nothing, and we add our dramas and stories to the mix, which makes it something we don’t need.

All I can say is write down Nothing and see what you get.

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