Who Do you Love?


We are busy. We get wrapped up in our daily lives and engulfed in our jobs. Days, weeks, and months go by before we realize that we haven’t connected with the special people in our lives. Those people who make us better, who make us smile, who are the reason we get up in the morning.

Sadly we often lose those we love and don’t tell them how we feel while they were here. Or maybe we did, but miss being able to do that.

I have often written letters to my son and my dad after they passed, because there was so much I wanted to say. And I tell those I care about how much I love them and how important they are to me. Do I say it enough? I hope so.

Today, let those you love know how much they mean to you. If there is someone who passed away, you can always tell them how you feel and they will hear. Or write a letter in your journal about a memory you have of them, how much you love them or how they impacted your life. It’s a connection and a memory that will always live on.

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