Down Time

Alysia’s cat Sonya taking some downtime. Photo by Alysia Thomas

If you’re like me you push yourself to fill your days with work, exercise, getting a decent meal in, seeing friends, and trying every which way to get ahead. We live in a world where busy is better and even if it’s social media busy, at least we don’t appear to be wasting time.

I believe I fill many hours with useful endeavors, but I can waste a lot of time searching through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I’ll push myself to cross off those items on my list and try to be everything to everyone. Even if we are doing good work, eventually our bodies say enough is enough.

Then I crash. Yes, I’m in my crash phase as I have been sick since Tuesday night and now have an upper respiratory infection. And see! Instead of going to bed, I have to make sure I get my daily journal prompt out!

Getting sick forces us to completely erase all the appointments on my calendar. Sadly that meant canceling my workshop tonight, but that’s why I’m giving everyone something to write about.

When our bodies break down, it forces us to reevaluate what we are doing with our lives. Sometimes you just get sick, because it’s winter and germs are abundant. But sometimes it’s because we have too much on our plate, and we don’t know how to slow down. Mine is probably a mixture of both. So for the next couple days, I’m going to rest, but also am going to write about the priorities in my life and what is filling space. And instead of filling that space with useless chitter chatter or negative propaganda, I’m going to create some down time where I can journal, read, or just enjoy the world around me.

Now it’s your turn. What are your priorities? When you get sick, what is the first thing off your list? Where do you slow down? What do you find doesn’t really feel all that important anymore?

Can you eliminate these non-priorities while you are feeling healthy? Can you allow some down time in your life to just enjoy where you are? What would that down time look like?

As I take the time to let my body heal, I hope you will enjoy some down time and write about it.

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