Journaling Through Creation


Last night my friend, Colleen, had a paint and sip party where everyone drinks some wine, catches up on life, eats snacks, and oh yes, gets to paint! We all had to paint our interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. As you can see, everyone’s painting was as individual as we are.

This was a perfect look into our psychological differences and how we approach life or anything creative, as my other friend, Karen said. Some were worried about the next step or getting too far behind. Others were comparing theirs to everyone else’s, even though the instructor told us not to. Others like me, thought my crescent moon looked like a banana and just made it into a full moon!

The point of the night was to have fun. Journaling or expressing who you are through any type of art is for your personal enjoyment and growth. There is no right or wrong, just like everyone’s interpretation of Starry Night isn’t right or wrong. It just is. When we approach painting, journaling, sculpting like getting teeth pulled, then the stress level is only going to shoot through the roof, and we lose sight of why we are doing it.

If we approach it as a practice in which we are willing to express and not judge, then that is when the real creativity comes through. I very often write from the hip or from the heart. I may have an idea of what I’m going to journal about or what I want to cover in the next chapter of a book, but I let my inner muse go and see what she has to say. We can’t ignore that inner muse–she is our creative and spiritual intuition. If we constantly lock our muse behind a door, then she’ll stop coming out when we eventually reopen it.

Now the next step that I would invite everyone from last night to do and anyone else who draws or paints or sculpts is to write from your creation. How did you feel creating it? Was it stressful, relaxing, or exciting? Is how you approached this activity similar to how you approach other areas of your life? Could you let go of expectations and just enjoy it? What in the painting speaks to you? Write about the physical painting and perhaps a story will form.

Or maybe place it on your mantle and revel in the fact that you took the time to be with friends and had a great time. I know I did!

One thought on “Journaling Through Creation

  1. A great evening with great ladies! Grateful for all of you and the roles you play in my life. Last night was just fun! Listening to everyone’s perspective. Seeing how people have changed over the years. Catching up. Last night is what life is all about. Love all of you!!

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