Light my Fire!

Photo by Alysia Thomas

Now if you know me well, a couple thoughts may be going through your head. One, what novel is she writing at this moment, and two, she doesn’t like The Doors, so why is she quoting them?!

Right now I’m focusing on my middle grade novel, so sorry ladies, and I’ll give The Doors the credit due for this song.

What really struck me this morning is how excited I am about my personal journal writing  (I’ll write about this tomorrow) and teaching my journal writing classes. The adult workshop begins tomorrow night and is full. My middle grade has three more sessions and the kids are open-minded about expressing themselves.

I’m excited because I’m doing what I love, and I see firsthand the benefits it has for me as well as for others. My inner fire, that light that makes me shine, is literally burning like the flames in this photo. That’s how I know I’m on my path, I’m expressing my truth, and living life as I want. I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to see what words would flow out of me. It’s a completely organic process, and that is when I have to trust that I’m doing what my soul craves. I feel alive, and I just want to feel, express, and write.

That is your inner fire. That is your calling. That is your life purpose. I know that mine is writing, and teaching makes that fire crackle into the sky and explode!

That is my wish for all of you. What causes your belly to heat in excitement, your heart to quicken, your mouth to break open in song, and your soul to burst with energy? Yes, it’s much like being in love–with yourself, your path, your journey! That is what we are meant to be doing!

What lights your fire?!

What do you like to do that can be a part of your daily path? Maybe it’s career related or maybe it’s volunteering for a cause that ignites you. Perhaps it can be both, which will really create an inferno! Maybe it’s time for a new beginning! Write about it, how you feel emotionally and physically when you think about bringing this into your life. Then make a plan to put it into action. Even tiny steps will stoke your fire. Journaling about it will keep the flames burning.

Feel free to share what you learn!

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