Bright Lights


Photo by Alysia Thomas

Today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and all his selfless work to create communities where nonviolence and acceptance were a key to peace. There is so much more work to do, but on this day I think about all the bright lights who individually are a beacon to others and together create a starburst of energy that can change the world.

It all comes down to loving, respecting, and accepting the differences and similarities that we as humans all possess. I say difference and similarities, because so much is written about how we should accept our differences, whether it’s what we believe as far as religion, politics, sexuality, and life styles. But we need to realize just how similar we all are too.

It all begins with me. It all begins with you. When we let our light shine, then another’s glows brighter. When their light expands, others are attracted. Before we know it there is a vast ray of hope that destroys any darkness.

It can be volunteering for a cause that is close to your heart, or bringing dinner to a friend who is mourning, or maybe sending a card to someone who is ill. It can be as simple as showing kindness to the person next to you, regardless of what you think you will get in return. You do it because your light cannot be tamped down.

What is your light? How do you choose to share it with others? Do one act of kindness every day and see the difference it brings to the world.

2 thoughts on “Bright Lights

  1. Really enjoying your blog! When I am asked to do murals on respecting our differences. I always try to turn it into what are our similarities…where do we connect ? My favorite quotes for kids on this is we all smile in the same language and we all cry the same tears.(Mother Theresa) . So I agree what connects is more important!

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