Settle in Sundays

It’s a mellow Sunday morning. I’m relaxing by the fire and catching up on my reading and writing. Yesterday, my sister, Michele, her family, and our mom came over for a weekend meal. I made meatballs and sauce for subs and minestrone soup packed with veggies. Michele’s husband, Rich, loves to cook and made a chicken cutlet version of Nick’s sandwich (I will explain this sandwich another time).

While the guys watched football, the gals started on a murder mystery puzzle, where you read a story, put the puzzle together, and solve the mystery.


While solving this type of mystery isn’t common for us, puzzles have been a family tradition since I was very little. I got into puzzles when I fractured my shin when at 8 years old. I read books, recorded songs on a tape cassette from the radio, and put together a lot of puzzles. My bedroom had been covered from wall to wall with every type of puzzle imaginable. Some were intricate pictures of everything I loved and some were a solid color so that you had to place pieces by shape.

My dad also loved doing puzzles and when we moved to Greenville from Long Island, he still traveled to the city for work. He was often gone, so missed out on doing a lot of the puzzles and so many other parts of our lives. I’m not sure how it started, but we didn’t want to finish without him, so we left a piece out. When Dad came home he would press that last piece in, and we would cheer. This tradition continued for years, even waiting for my dad to visit my home, so he could put in the last piece.

Our family doesn’t put together puzzles much anymore. So doing this mystery puzzle creates a nostalgic effect, especially since my dad has been gone for almost 20 years.

My Dad and I at my College of Saint Rose Dance

I always looked forward to my dad coming home. When he put that last piece in, my puzzle and my world were complete. Now he resides in my heart and this puzzle tradition created a beautiful memory.

What did you and your family do together when you were a child?

Is it something you can bring into your current family if you are on your own now?

Create the activity and before you know it, your family will think of it as tradition.

2 thoughts on “Settle in Sundays

  1. I’ve seen this picture of you and your dad a number of times. Today….I see Nick. WOW…..your eyes are his eyes. Your smile is his smile. Amazing!!

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