Priceless Pictures

Photo by Lucas C. Cammarata


A photo is much like a book. How you connect to it, who you recognize, and what you feel all depends on your personal experiences related to that photo.

This photo is currently up on my mantle. My husband wants to find the negative (yes from those old style cameras!) and enlarge it. He said that it has at least 5 or 6 meanings to him. I immediately associated it with our boys of course and their amazingly close bond. It was taken in the backyard of the house they grew up in until they were 8 and 6. The memories of those years fill many scrapbooks and evoke countless journal prompts.

The dog is Brutus the Barber Beefcake, who I adopted after my mom couldn’t accept him as a Christmas present. We had lost our family dog after 15 years and her heart was still broken. The boys loved Brutus, who was loyal and loving.

The motorcycle is a Kawasaki KZ 1000, which my husband rebuilt to be an 1100. It was a labor of love, and he enjoys riding that bike to this day.

My father-in-law took this photo. He was a professional photographer in his 20’s and was very talented. My boys loved their grandpa. They had traditions like going to the Giants training camp in Albany, and he traveled to many of Stephen’s premier travel soccer games.

This picture is filled with a lifetime of emotions, stories, love, and positive energy. It tells the story of a brotherly bond that time or loss can never take away. Writing about this photo has brought so much back and with my words, I seal those memories into history.

Take a family photo or one that you haven’t seen in a while and write about the associations and memories within that picture. Where was it taken, when is it from, who are the people in the photo? What other memories does the picture bring forth? Have someone who may also have been in the photo share their thoughts and feelings about it. You never know. You may find a treasure trove of memories that you never knew.

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