Embrace the Good

Ziggy the Great Dane–photo by Alysia Thomas

In a world that thrives on the negative, it’s so easy to claim defeat and see everything we feel is wrong in the world. We blame other people for our setbacks and don’t claim responsibility when we basically screw up.

I shy away from negative social media and don’t publicly express my political views. If someone asks and wants to have an intelligent conversation, then I’m all for it. However, when the absolutes and bad mouthing begins, I walk away.

Why? Why wouldn’t I stand up to someone who is shoving their beliefs down my throat? Am I doing this world an injustice by simply walking away and following my truth?

I don’t think so. My philosophy and sometimes key to survival is embracing kindness, love, joy, and peace.  I work very hard to bring goodness to every person I come in contact with, every action I take in my day, and every word that comes out of my mouth or typed on a page.

This phrase, “Embrace the Good” actually came from a text by my older sister. Our family has had its share of heartbreak and loss, but when we can see the good amidst the bad, the sad, and the dreadful, then we bring more positive and productive energy to our lives that counteracts those tough emotions. May not get rid of them, but we rise stronger.

These photos inspire my journal prompts, and I couldn’t get past the photo of my other sister’s dog, Ziggy. I wanted to write about connections, but this photo portrays goodness in a crazy sort of way, so it was perfect! Personally I think the best kind of goodness makes us laugh and smile.

I am grateful for the goodness in my life, and I choose to embrace it!

What is good in your life? Who can you share that goodness with?

Even if you are in the midst of pain and loss, look deep. Where there is good, there is hope.

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